But, what does it all mean?

This is such a handy little book. It fits in a pocket and is a firm writing surface. There are ribbons and elastics to mark a page or keep everything together.

As I look at the first page with telephone numbers and peculiar codes I’m forced to think back. Some mention of Rupees and phone. London Paddington. Heathrow.


Was it gate 5 or December 5? That must have been England in 2012 or 2014. I know Keith and I had phones for India, so the K and R are our respective numbers.

mr and mrs Keith Taj Mahal

I must have tried to phone Canada too – those prefaced numbers are so complicated – but so rewarding when the call finally goes through! But there’s an Indian phone number and some code, then some more phone numbers – ending with a London cel number.

Fish and Chips on Brighton Beach

Bullock in the market

Tom’s house

Well, I bookended England with India on one trip – hmmmmmm. What is that reference – in pencil – to comix? To quote Robert Browning “When I wrote it, only God and I knew the meaning; now God alone knows.”

When I googled the strange codes 3801 – CS Photography it all came back to me. Of course! I taught Photographic Nude at Langara for a number of years in Continuing Studies.