Salsa Time!

Onions, garlic and a beer

Onions, garlic and a beer

Well, it’s getting on to Fall and time to start the salsa making. I like to roast everything outside on my barbeque. It’s the right time of the year a fire in the outside fireplace. I usually buy my tomatoes and chillies at Sunrise Market on Powell Street at Gore.


I roast everything on the cowboy grill. It’s a classic! Made from iron, it has collapsible legs – it would sit perfectly in a saddle bag for a pack trip, roasting something tasty on the Great Divide! I have a tiny grate that fits underneath. It’s the right height to roast without burning.


I like to sit by the fire with a beer and turn my veggies. Play some country music and in about an hour put the vegetables in a colander so the liquid has a chance to drain off into a bowl. That liquid is a tasty essence of my salsa. While the roasted veggies cool off I chop the onions into quarter inch pieces. Knife skills!! Another bonus to doing this outside is I cry a lot less when I’m cutting the onions.



Now the tomatoes and chillies are cooler, I skin them, remove the seeds from the chillies and chop every thing up coarse “a la rustica”!

Ready to start canning!

3 thoughts on “Salsa Time!

  1. Kemble

    FABU!! I’ll share it with Angie …she loves all things Salsa!! xoxo 🙂 Love your remarks about sittin’ by the fire with a beer!!

  2. Barbara

    It’s probably the best salsa I’ve ever eaten, you should bottle it… the pictures too…

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