Bearded Ladies – World Premiere!

DSC_0165August 19th was a landmark day in Vancouver! The world premiere of Bearded Ladies: The Photography of Rosamond Norbury at the Vancity Theatre. It was a sold out screening – complete with a standing ovation! In attendance were most of those wonderful people who participated in the film. Carlotta Gurl turned up in full drag to hold my hand during the screening. There was a question and answer afterwards – according to Peggy Thompson, Barbara and I ask each other every morning: “What kind of fun are we going to have today?”IMG_7238

Kemble was a music contributor. A number on months ago my piano playing buddy Kemble Skatchard was visiting. He told me he had written a piece of music with me in mind. Good timing or what? I put Kemble in touch with my producer Sharon McGowan and she was able to put The Rod Bush Ramble into a scene. Also, because it is incredibly expensive to have any form of copyrighted music in a film, Kemble was able to composed a disco ditty to put in the scene where Carlotta and Connie Smudge and I were getting into a drag mood at Carlotta’s apartment. Big thanks to Kemble for his creativity and cooperation. To me, this film is like a home movie – with cameos featuring my favourite friends!DSC_0057

Afterwards, The Junction, on Davie Street hosted the after party. The featured cocktail was “The Bearded Lady” – although I stuck to dark rum – with three and a half ice cubes – as usual. Carlotta, again, the consummate hostess, she performed to her usual standard – ending up with her trademark cartwheel and a toss of her wig!

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3 thoughts on “Bearded Ladies – World Premiere!

  1. Brenda

    Thank you. And do please let me know how us folks here in Yankee land can view your documentary. I am anxious to see it again. and people here-baited breath and all-are excited to see Bearded Ladies and share in your wild success.
    Great article and photos, I like the B/W one but…all good. Thanks.

  2. Barbara beeby

    The film was wonderful..i thoroughly enjoyed every minute…the after party with all the moustaches was a hoot. Carlotta as usual was outstanding. Overall a great evening….great movie…. Well done!


  3. Kemble

    Wonderful blog. LOVED THE MOVIE & can’t wait to get a copy to share with friends …or hear about it’s first network air date!! The entire evening was like floating in a cloud of warmth & love. Still thrilled to have been included in this landmark project!!
    xoxo 🙂 Kemble

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