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Trigger: Drawing the Line in 2015

nude-cleaverJuly 23,2015 is the opening of the Queer Arts Festival at The Roundhouse in Vancouver. I have five pieces in the show entitled “Murder”.

Skat, pedophilia, bestiality: that is where I draw the line. Neither am I a big fan of murder.

This series revisits a photo session about thirteen years ago. It was a three day photographic marathon of four photographers to produce Fusion – a book celebrating diverse sexuality. I stated, as my persona Rod Bush, that I was only interested in shooting men.

I was born and I live as a female, however, I like to travel through the myriad of genders. It is fascinating for me to uncover the layers that build the illusion that is used to sell gender – be it male or female. “Rod Bush” is my alter ego, a full-bearded side-burned dude who also happens to be a fag pornographer. Continue reading

Bearded Ladies!!

Jasper, the surfer dude

Jasper, the surfer dude

Here is another one of my Bearded Ladies. It’s Jasper, the surfer dude. (S)he talks abut what the transformation felt like. It’s “Bearded Ladies: The Photography of Rosamond Norbury” All will be revealed…