Monthly Archives: May 2013

Keremeos Rodeo

I spent some of the Victoria Day weekend at the Keremeos Rodeo. Every once and a while I like to go back to the Rodeo. I go to take pictures and see how little has changed since twenty years ago when I was following the BCRA for my book Behind the Chutes. It all seems to have remained unchanged save a couple of things: the trucks hauling the horses are bigger and now everyone carries a cell phone.

Regulations require that contestants wear Western outfits in the arena, so the classic look is maintained. Bull riders now wear protective vests and hockey helmets, so I don’t know how true the old adage is: “Cowboys become bull riders so they can get to meet nurses”.

No matter how tired or out of sorts I feel, the moment I step onto the Rodeo grounds, I feel upbeat and rarin’ to go. Nothing beats the classic good looks of a cowboy!